In the sign of Aquarius, we can find the very quality of evolution and the spiral structure of life. Explore the true meaning of this sign.

The sign of Aquarius is formed from the seed of the time set from the previous sign. Capricorn is a closed, complete circle, and Aquarius is the point when the circle turns into a spiral. In this archetype, we can find the very quality of evolution or the spiral structure of life.

And without the sign of Capricorn, without Saturn, there is no Aquarius or Uranus. Saturn is the traditional ruler of the sign of Aquarius. This planet teaches us that only with the mastered laws of time and cycles can we become masters of cycles. After we master this, we have access to evolution and Aquarius.

Aquarius and Leo: Merging Opposing Forces

Aquarius is a sign located opposite the sign of Leo. Although these two archetypes are opposed, it is their merging that gives the key story of identity in the zodiac. Aquarius is the one who knows. In his highest stage, this sign recognizes that all people are one and a part of him. On the other hand, a conscious Leo knows this too, although from another position. He is the one who puts himself at the center of the universe. But both Leo and Aquarius know that we are all one.

The sign of Aquarius and the sign of Leo rule axes 5 and 11 in our natal chart. This is the axis of giving and receiving love and it can flow only when we realize that all is one. And that’s what gives Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) the symbolism of cosmic consciousness.

Aquarius: Embracing the Eternal Vortex

If we look at the very word Aquarius, we see that water (lat. aqua) is a key element here, although the sign itself is a member of the air signs. However, he points us to water, the element in which life arises. In the waters of our planet, there is a record of the evolution of life. Water carries the code of DNA, which also carries a link to the source of life here on Earth.

Everything that happens to us in everyday life is a spiral. The events and history that are repeated are not the same but are similar or related. The sign of Aquarius carries movement. In the sign of Capricorn, everything is defined by finite forms. Entering the sign of Aquarius, we realize that life, in its essence, has no final form.

Neptune’s Exaltation: Spiritual Evolution

What gives Aquarius the strength to get out of the circle? In this sign, the Sun is exiled. Here, the “little I,” a small identity, does not survive. However, at 21° of Aquarius, we have the exaltation of Neptune. Neptune here can show us the path by which we can take an evolutionary leap. The Sun in astrology shows us how we stand out from others with our uniqueness and authenticity. The Sun in Aquarius no longer poses the question “Who am I?” but “Do I have the confidence to believe in my ideals truly?”.

In the sign of Aquarius, the exalted Neptune and the exiled Sun connect. Aquarius, which mythologically lowers the sky to earth, materializes every dream only if we believe in it enough. Aquarius says, “I believe… Therefore I exist.” Thus, the Sun indicates here that self-confidence is the basis for everything else because only when the Sun falls can we reach the absolute strength of faith.

If we try to trust others without building trust in ourselves, we will experience disappointment (the second facet of Neptune). When self-confidence is stable, everything that happens is just as it should be. Everything is alright (Saturn is steady). Nothing is lost, and everything happens for our greatest good.

The Role of Capricorn: Foundation for Aquarian Evolution

When analyzing the gifts that the Aquarius sign holds, it is necessary to observe the previous sign. Astrologically, Aquarius is a sign that carries all cosmic knowledge, but the previous sign, Capricorn, holds all memories, stories, and mythology.

The Capricorn sign is a representation of the collective memory, which contains all of the mythology that forms the basis of astrology.

Therefore, it is no wonder that for the sign of Aquarius, we always consult Saturn next to Uranus. In Saturn, we have everything that existed in the sign before the sign of Aquarius. The nature of Saturn will give us an additional description of what we can expect. It shows how much something is favorable or not, how fortunate our collective memories of our genetics are, and what fate can bring us.

Conclusion: Embracing Aquarian Wisdom

Aquarius, Uranus, and everything in our 11th house series show what we would like to fall from the sky. These are our wishes; the 11th house carries our plans and our wishes that we would like to come true. However, to get something materialized, the only time in which we can act is now—and here. Uranus connects the past (Saturn) and the future (Neptune) in the present moment.

Aquarius’s whole teaching is knowing how to be present and confident, here and now, in complete surrender.