Cronos (Saturn), the God of Time |


Exploring the Mythical Origins and Profound Symbolism of Capricorn and Its Ruler Saturn. At the heart of Capricorn lies the seed of time itself, the spiral of fate that propels us toward the next level of existence. Capricorn, with its deep-rooted mythology and complex symbolism, offers a captivating journey into the depths of time and destiny.

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Venus, the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Beauty |

Venus: Deep Dive into Love, Harmony, and Balance in Astrology

Love, happiness, beauty—all that stirs our souls and captivates our senses resides within the enigmatic realm of Venus. It’s the essence of our desires reflected in the gaze of others and the canvas upon which we paint our love stories. In the intricate tapestry of astrological charts, Venus reigns supreme, symbolizing the very essence of femininity alongside the Moon.

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Chiron |


Chiron is a celestial object in astrology that was discovered in 1977. It is often called the “Wounded Healer” or the “Maverick Centaur”. It is a unique and eccentric object that orbits between the planets Saturn and Uranus, bridging the gap between the outer and inner planets. In astrology, Chiron is associated with themes of healing, transformation, and the integration of physical and spiritual aspects of oneself.

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Uranus |


Uranus, an outer planet in astrology, is associated with innovation, originality, sudden changes, and rebellion. Here we will discuss what are critical points about Uranus in each natal house

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Anubis, The God of the Underworld |

Pluto in Aquarius – Navigating the Transit of Pluto in 2024

Pluto, the mysterious harbinger of change, is set to enter the realm of Aquarius, a sign known for its forward-thinking ideals and revolutionary spirit. To understand this celestial dance, let’s peel back the layers and explore the symbiotic relationship between Pluto’s transformative energy and the progressive essence of Aquarius.

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